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A legacy family business | est. 1994

From our farm to your table

Take a tour of our farm and installations

With over 100 years of experience in production, Le Porc de Beaurivage is a family affair. Inspired by nature and the well-being of our animals, our feed is created with high quality grains, all to offer you a meat that is incomparable.

Our categories

Many ways to enjoy a healthy pork, raised with love

Renowned as an exceptional meat by many well established chefs and butchers, we are proud to offer the experience of Le Porc de Beaurivage to all.

Premium box

According to the seasons, our boxes offer you the chance to experiment with new products as well as our greatest classics.


By the unit

Already know what you want or simply feel like adding a product to a box, this is for you.


Custom cuts

No need to be a butcher to want a custom order. Looking for a specific piece? Just ask!


Méchouis piglets

Between friends or family, you'll love this selection. Grain or milk piglets are available!


Whole pigs

Save by going for a whole or half pig. Everything is custom made to your liking. Sausages, bacon...


From our farm to your table

How to place your order online

Fast and simple, one click and you are ready to go!

Choose the products you wish to order

Selected according to your liking. Have questions or specifications? Do not hesitate to add them to your order or to contact us.

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Within 24h you will receive a confirmation of the products available for your order.

Come pick them up or have them delivered to the address of your choice

You don’t live close to our farm? Not a problem, our vans can deliver in many regions of the province!

On our end

Carefully prepared meat on your table

1. Our farm

Ethical breeding to the highest standards in the industry.

2. Provincial slaughterhouse

We benefit from the close proximity of regional slaughterhouses.

3. Le Porc de Beaurivage butcher shop

Purchase our tasty products directly in our shop.

4. Restaurants and butcher shops of Quebec

Find our delicious products in a variety of local establishments.

5. On your end

Online orders are also available with low shipping costs!

Le Porc de Beaurivage… it really is from our farm to your table


Your purchase goes through multiple transformation and exchange processes making it more expensive and less fresh.

1. Farm factories

The operation of these establishments is strictly linked to performance.

2. Federal slaughterhouse

Animals generally travel a long way to reach the various centers.

3. Fresh meat processing center

Without on-site processing, the meat must travel further.

4. Food processing and packaging factory

The packaging is modified excessively.

5. Meat distribution warehouse

Contrary to local operations, products are stored in warehouses and then distributed.

6. Sub-distribution company

Products are exchanged and circulated between distributors.

7. The supermarkets

Farm products are displayed on grocery store shelves.

8. At home

Buying products at the source is not an option.

From our farm to your table

In respect of the animal and its environment.

  • 100% naturally and locally raised pork.

  • Fed with 100% plant-based grains.

  • Without hormones or growth stimulants.

  • Without by-products.

Premium Box

150$ box


100$ box


For those who love to dig in.


Local recipes to learn how to cook like master chefs

Our chef’s recipes as well as our family recipes will allow you to try new things or to rediscover grandma’s classics! Smoked, oven baked, BBQ anything is possible!


Porc Burgers

30 min


Boulettes Cocktail

45 min

From our farm to your table

Enjoy flavors and textures native to Beaurivage

You wish to add Le Porc de Beaurivage products to your counter? Contact us to see what options are available and which best suits you and your clientele’s style! Several custom options are offered, thanks to the specialized butchers in our C1.