A family affair, for 4 generations

Farrow-to-finish pig producers, our herd includes piglets and the fattening pigs of our 180 sows. Being a small family farm allows us to have full control of our herd management both in terms of nourishment and welfare of the animal.


Environmental awareness

Windbreak hedges, afforestation, airtight roofs...


Fed with 100% vegetarian grain

No by-products added


Personalized transportation

Several regions of Quebec are served


Custom cuts to your liking

Our butchers are responsive to your requests

Straightforward quality

The simplicity of our values, the frankness of our philosophy

Our goal is not to feed the whole world, it is to feed our people.

From our farm to your table

Take a tour of our farm and its facilities

With over 100 years of production experience, Le Porc de Beaurivage is a family business. Inspired by nature and the well-being of animals, our feed is created with high quality grains. All to offer you incomparable meat.

A family story

Generations of passion and care

Being the current 3rd and 4th generations on our farm in Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage, Le Porc de Beaurivage was born from a common family vision.


In the heart of lotbinière

Rooted and involved in the Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage community for over 100 years.

We guarantee the traceability of our meat from our farm… to your table.

On our end

Carefully prepared meat on your table

1. Our farm

Ethical breeding to the highest standards in the industry.

2. Provincial slaughterhouse

We benefit from the close proximity of regional slaughterhouses.

3. Le Porc de Beaurivage butcher shop

Purchase our tasty products directly in our shop.

4. Restaurants and butcher shops of Quebec

Find our delicious products in a variety of local establishments.

5. On your end

Online orders are also available with low shipping costs!

Le Porc de Beaurivage… it really is from our farm to your table


Your purchase goes through multiple transformation and exchange processes making it more expensive and less fresh

1. Farm factories

The operation of these establishments is strictly linked to performance.

2. Federal slaughterhouse

Animals generally travel a long way to reach the various centers.

3. Fresh meat processing center

Without on-site processing, the meat must travel further.

4. Food processing and packaging factory

The packaging is modified excessively.

5. Meat distribution warehouse

Contrary to local operations, products are stored in warehouses and then distributed.

6. Sub-distribution company

Products are exchanged and circulated between distributors.

7. The supermarkets

Farm products are displayed on grocery store shelves.

8. At home

Buying products at the source is not an option.



How it all it started.

Son of a farmer, Freddy Lefebvre married Lucille Goulet in 1951. Together they took over the legacy of Elzéar Lefebvre’s family farm. The farm now consists of dairy cows, pigs and hens. Currently, land cultivation and animal production is undertaken to provide for the annual family needs.



And it went on like this.

With a busy life and 4 children by their side, Freddy and Lucille manage a pork production as well as a maple production. For more than 20 years, they have welcomed thousands of people weekly to their reception hall for sugar parties, weddings, etc. The Beaurivage reception room is located in front of the farm. Friends and families are always most welcome.



Then, from one thing to another.

Passionate about agriculture, Christian takes over the family business with the help of his wife Carole. They made the decision to fit out a building as a maternity hospital in order to maintain every stage of pork production. In doing so, the regulation and health of the herd becomes more easily manageable. They are currently thinking of one more small project: to one day have their own butcher shop.



Finally, here we are today!

Many things have changed today. We now manufacture and bring to market all of our own pork.. Our large family work tirelessly on all stages of production to ensure we bring you the best pork possible. In 2020, the construction of a butcher shop on the farm is needed to work with our pork directly and thus offer a greater variety of products in our local market. Our goal will always continue to be to produce the highest quality pork possible, from birth all the way to your table.

Le Porc de Beaurivage is a family business. We take pride in the heritage of our traditions and the sustained quality of our breeding.

From our farm to your table

Enjoy flavors and textures native to Beaurivage

You wish to add Le Porc de Beaurivage products to your counter? Contact us to see what options are available and which best suits you and your clientele’s style! Several custom options are offered, thanks to the specialized butchers in our C1.


You are always welcome at the farm to pick up your order! We deliver to Quebec on Tuesdays and to Montreal on Wednesdays. It is also possible to meet in Quebec, on highway 20 and in the Montreal area by calling us to schedule the meeting.

Season with salt & pepper on each side. Cook the chop over medium heat for about 6 minutes on each side. For a thicker chop, we suggest covering it while cooking. Let the chop rest for 5 minutes before serving.

We do not have the organic accreditation. On the other hand, our breeding methods as well as the selection of grains in our feeding recipes lead us to believe that our pork is on the same level as the humane certified and organic pigs produced in the country.

You just have to taste it once and you will see, you will be calling us back to order again!

Depending on the cuts and transformations made on the pig, you will find between 55% and 65% of the original weight remaining.

Yes, absolutely! By knowing the breeding and handling of the meat before it is vacuum-packed, you can appreciate rosé pork at its true value.

Yes. With online orders and those made by phone, it will be our pleasure to prepare your box with your favorite items inside.

The majority of our processed products are made without gluten. It's always best to let us know of your dietary restrictions before placing an order.